no playback in playback mode

about playback problems:

everything works fine in write-mode.
i have 3 buttons assigned to playback: F8, space bar and the letter ‘P’. When I push them, the playback works perfectly and I can hear everything…

when i change to playback mode though, my shortcuts still work (all of them), the green play button jumps to from ‘play’ to ‘pauze’:

but no playback at all and the playback line doesn’t move…or sometimes I can here a sound for a fraction of a second but nothing more.

don’t know, what the problem is.

after clicking 4 or 5 times on a playback shortcut, it normally starts playing back…but never after the first 3 times…anybody had the same problems? are the plug-ins ‘too heavy’ ? I have a very powerful computer though…hmmmmm

after all, i think it’s a CPU problem, though I have 32GB Ram, 2 x 2,93 GHz Quad-Core, 2TB SSD, but the Spitfire Strings plus the automation curves seem to be a bit too much…

I think it’s possible that this could be a performance issue inside Dorico, if you have lots of automation data. I would be very happy to take a look at the score if you would like to mail it to me - p.walmsley (at) steinberg (dot) de.

Also, if you switch to Play Mode (after all plugins have had time to load) and press the play button just once, and then wait, does it finally play? I’m wondering if pressing play multiple times is starting and stopping playback while Dorico is still preparing. The other thing that would be useful is if you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send me the that it will put on the Desktop.

Hey Paul,
I’ve sent a WeTransfer link to you with the file.
Please take into consideration that I created very heavy multis within the Kontakt Player, which means 4 multis with each 25 playing techniques for strings. That’s really heavy stuff.
But to answer your question: in WRITE Mode there is not any problem. When I press the play button, Dorico plays back immediately. Which is strange because of course Dorico follows the automation curves also in Write Mode.
When I press just once in Play Mode and I wait, I can wait for hours - nothing happens :slight_smile: Or like I said, there is a little sound playback for a fraction of a second, then it stops. But what happened yesterday: after I worked a longer period only in the playback window, and pressing the play-button always 4 -5 times before I got playback, then after let’s say 10 minutes, the playback worked already when I just pressed it 1 time. So I guess Dorico is really just preparing - like you said. But why does the playback work immediately in Write Mode?
I try to make a Diagnostic Report and send it via mail.
Thanx for all

Hey Paul,

now I know what causes the problem: If the MIXER is open, the playback doesn’t start in PLAYBACK Mode…in WRITE Mode everything works fine, also with the mixer being open… If the mixer is closed, everything works fine in Playback Mode, too.
I’ve just sent you a Diagnostic Zip.

BTW: it would be nice to have db numbers on the sliders in the mixer so that you can put different sliders to the same position…I’m sure you know that anyway already :wink:

Thanks for sending that, Peer. The mixer performance is a known issue in the current version of Dorico. I’ve rewritten a lot of the internals of the mixer code in our current development build which should fix a lot of these problems in the next release. If you are not using all the output audio channels of your plugins you may get better performance by limiting the number of audio outputs shown in the mixer for each plugin. See:

Having dB readings on the sliders is also on our list for a future version

You guys are so fast and the support is the best I ever had and the best which will ever be out there.
Thanx so much !

I have a problem which I think is related to this post. I have two monitors, and have a Dorico window in each. When one of the windows is in play mode, the project refuses to playback. If I switch both windows to write mode, it plays back without a problem.

Could it be that when you hit Space, the focus is in the window in Play mode, and the focus is in the flow selector? Try clicking on the other window before you start playback.

I started getting this yesterday after those damned Windows 10 forced updates!!! It had been working great this week… :frowning:

I just wanted to mention: I think this problem is still not solved. Got the same problem several times the last days…

I have the same problem. In play mode the mixer must be closed to be able to listen to the mix. I am only using NotePerformer for a string quartet composition. I tried what you suggested it’s the same. Everything else is working beautifully I love Dorico! 03/23/2021 - Dorico 3.5 - UR28M Mac OS Catalina. Thanks!!!

We have had sporadic reports of this problem, but have never been able to reproduce it at will in-house, which makes it impractical for us to fix. If you click on the main Dorico project window without actually closing the Mixer, are you then able to start playback as expected?

Daniel sorry about the delay replying. If I click on the main Dorico project window with the mixer window open the result is the same nothing plays until I close the mixer. Thanks

Thanks for confirming, @TrackOne. I’m curious as to why I can’t reproduce the problem myself.


I thought I should reply directly since I did some tests and don’t want to confuse the other users.

Since I have a dual monitor setup attached to my MacBook Pro, I opened the project as usual and the Dorico projected window opened on the attached monitor. To test a new theory I moved the project window to the MacBook Pro and tried with the mixer open while using the Play window and the Write window - it worked fine for both. Somehow at first the dual monitor was the problem but as soon as I moved to just the MacBook Pro I was OK. I took it one step further and moved the project window to the attached monitor and left the mixer on the MacBook Pro - Again it worked fine. It looks like now the project knows that I am using a dual monitor set up. I saved the file, closed Dorico, reopened the newly saved file - Play and Write windows worked fine with the mixer open.

One more step, I opened another project that gave me the same problem with the dual monitor when using the Play window with the mixer open it freezes. I moved the main Dorico window to the MacBook Pro and there it worked fine for both Write and Play windows but as soon as I moved the project window to the attached monitor with the Play window active and the mixer opened it Froze again. So the file didn’t work the same way as with the previous test. Both projects are using NotePerformer. Both programs are updated to current, except didn’t update to the new Mac OS currently using Catalina 10.15.7. MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz 6-core i9. Memory 32 Gb 2400 MHz DDR4. Graphics Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB and Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB.

This is not an emergency situation as I just close the mixer window and continue working. Again I’m a big fan of Dorico.

Best regards,
Pierre Bohemond

Thanks for the additional information, Pierre. I habitually run Dorico on a dual-display system myself, but I rarely use the Mixer. Tomorrow I will open up the Mixer and see whether I encounter the same problems you have been experiencing.

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