No playback/monitoring, but recording works?

Im using the IK AXE I O One,

The bar moves when I play, seems to record, but refuses to play back or monitor? Also will not play my midi drum track.

its a problem with outputs i suppose? how do i get the output through my headphones? or through the monitor part of the AXE?

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Have you read and followed this setup guide?

i did but im still really stumped!

Ugritone midi drums played fine earlier but now wont when my things connected

would like to monitor with my headphones, but option for output on realtek speakers disappeared? option for my interface, but nothing coming through that

using windows 11 on lenovo laptop

Cubase can only use one audio device at a time.
Plug your headphones into the Axe headphone socket.

If still no audio, check your stereo out routing is set to the Axe (or control room output if you use it)

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Nice! Thanks a bunch!

I’m able to get the click to sound too now. Is there a way to get the drums to play at the same time?

If you get playback of any kind there is no reason the drums shouldn’t sound…check track routings etc.