No Playback - no Halion? (Mac, no REVerence content)

i currently get no playback in Dorico. I tried the things in the FAQ, and it seems, it does not have any Halion installation at all (no instrument shown). I unchecked the “REVerence Content” during installation, because I wanted to save space, but this should not completely kill playback (but only sound worse), should it? Thanks for any help in advance!

If you need more information, I’ll be glad to answer back.


Dorico 1.1 Mac OS 10.10

It sounds like you have run only the Dorico installer and not the other two that were presented to you in Steinberg Download Assistant. Run SDA again and make sure you have run all three installers shown under Dorico, rather than only the Dorico application installer.

Thank you for your reply! You’re right, I think. I expected to get rudimentary playback anyways, but it does not seem to be this way. I already own two other notation apps and each comes with its own big sound library… maybe there should be at least a simple (and of course not great sounding) playback solution if one machine can’t offer another 10GB of disk/SSD space (maybe even more? That’s just the installers…). It’s mostly just as a note check for me…

PS: Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried to search, but “playback” makes about 2500 matches, “no” is ignored, the same with “halion”… I did not know what to do. So thanks for your kind reply even more.