No playback/sound when listening back

2 or so days ago I was recording music and able to listen back to it. The problem I have currently is that when I record a piece of music (audio not MIDI) I can hear it while it is recording, and the audio segment shows the wavelengths picking up the sound, but when I hit play I hear nothing. As I said, I was not having this problem previously. But one day it randomly began. I didn’t change any settings, but the problem still persisted. If you could give me a hand that would be great.

I use a MG10XU as my mixer
A mic with a 6.3 jack recording my amplifier and or acoustic guitar
All recently updated
I’m using a macbook pro and as it states on the Yamaha website, drivers are not needed with Mac.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Monitor button (orange speaker) is disabled while playback.

The orange speaker is disabled while playing back.

Then obviously some settings are correct.
So a more detailed description of your setup will be necessary.

Sorry for the late response, is there a way to send you my settings at all for you to take a look at?


The most complex is the Preferences folder. But it doesn’t contain the project setup, so it wouldn’t help.