No playback sound

Hello all ! New member ! Forgive me for not researching the forum for help on this topic but I’m pretty much fried after spending the better part of two days getting my new Steinberg UR 22 mk11 and Cubase AI 10 set up. I am finally able to create a track with my guitar. My problem is I can’t get any sound on the track playback. I’ve been all over the online manual and have had no success! I am totally new to DAW and recording but fairly technology savvy. I am hoping for a little boost so I can move on exploring the world of music recording. Thank you!!

Tough to assist with only the info you mentioned. Typically you would provide screenshots of your VST connection inputs and outputs tabs and a screenshot of your project window showing what buses are assigned as inputs and outputs on the audio track you are recording on…

If you were able to record your guitar on an audio track and you can’t hear that recording during playback it might just simply be that you have forgotten to disable the audio track “Record Enable” and “Monitor” functions.

If that does not help then you need to detail your issue a little better and attach a few screens shots as mentioned above.

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Where are your speakers connected?

I agree check vst connections output or plug directly to the headphone jack on unit