No playback sound

I recently installed Dorico and have not yet been able to get playback sound. After reading the FAQ “I get no playback. What do I do?” answer, I think the issue may lie with the VST Instruments drop down.

In the answer it states:
in the VST Instruments panel on the right-hand side, check that one instance of HALion Sonic SE is shown as loaded.

When I go to the VST instruments drop down, I simply see “—” as the only option.

I’m on a Macbook Pro 10.
I’ve tried “Load sounds for unassigned instruments” with no change.
Playback in Sibelius is running normally. Can someone please help?

So if there is no VST instrument then Dorico will also not play back anything.

Please run the installer again and make sure that HALion Sonic SE and as well the HALion Symphonic Library get installed.

HALion Symphonic Library is quite big (around 6GB) but it contains all the necessary sound presets.