No playback with expander

Hello there, I am desperated with this issue since some days.
I have Cubase Elements 6, an Alesis Q49 midi keyboard and a Roland XV-3080, with a 4 midi in and out interface.
The interface is plugged in USB on the computer, the midi keyboard goes from Out to the In of the interface (Channel 1), and finally the Out of the interface (always channel 1) is plugged in the In of the XV-3080, itself plugged in amplified speakers.
Until now, everything is ok. I can play whatever sound from the expander.

Away from Cubase, I did the parameters settings for the keyboard, that is put it in channel 1 then assign it to numeric keypad (0 or 1 is the same), then CC NO to same numeric keypad. At least that’s what is explained in the quick start guide of the Q49. Then I start Cubase, add a midi track and good, there is the signal from the expander to left and right, and also an “echo” on the top right of the transport panel with blue signals.
Alright then, I start recording and it is the GM Piano 1 which is played back, not the sound chosen from the expander. So in the input routing, there is the Q49 and in output, the XV-3080 coupled with the midi-usb interface. Then I choose the same program (patch) in Cubase as the one selected in the expander. I play the sound, and nothing comes out, just a signal at every note.

I’m suspecting the stereo out on which “No bus” is selected, and I don’t know how to change the output for that.

I have VST’s, and they work perfectly fine when I play them.
In the MIDI port setup, the interface and the midi keyboard are active for In. For Out, the interface is also active, but not the midi keyboard, but it doesn’t matter as it doesn’t need that.
In the Midi device manager, the XV-3080 is recognized in the list.

So I really don’t know what to do, after tweaking almost everywhere and changing from Generic ASIO to Full duplex ASIO, it doesn’t change anything.
I have a Realtek HD sound card. The speakers are plugged in the front speakers entry.

I hope a kind person could help on this, as I searched a lot on the net and I can’t find any working answer.