No Playback

I just downloaded Cubase AI onto my laptop. I’m exploring the software before I record anything, but can’t hear any playback of any kind. So far I’ve just been trying to play loops, but it says that the audio is not connected. My laptops audio drivers are working, and are recognized by cubase, but there is no audio in connection. I’m assuming the audio in refers to an actual audio source like an interface, but again, I’m just trying to hear the prerecorded loops. I have no audio playback through my headphones.

So far, this is one of six issues I’ve had while installing this software. I was recommended Cubase by a professional friend who said it was very user-friendly and easy to install. I’m beginning to question her judgment. Help is appreciated. I’ve been waiting 2 days for help from Cubase, and thought I’d see if any forum users could assist me.