No playback

I’m not getting any playback at all - I fear that Halion has not installed correctly. Any suggestions?
Audio Device Setup_161023.PNG
Cannot locate file_161023.PNG

It looks like there are at least two problems, though possibly both of them are caused by the installation not having completed successfully. I would suggest in the first instance simply running the whole Dorico installer again and seeing if that helps.

Thanks Daniel, just so I do the right thing, should I uninstall Dorico and start from scratch, or just run the installer again - and could you confirm the install .exe that I should use.


I would suggest simply running the downloaded Dorico_Installer_1_Win.exe (or whatever the exact filename is – I don’t run Windows so I can’t remember exactly what it’s called) again, and choose the option to repair the existing installation.

Thanks - that seems to be doing the trick, Halion wasn’t installed - it is installing now. I must have used the wrong .exe file when I did the original installation.

I’m still having problems here. I’ve now successfully (I think) installed Halion but I’ not getting any sound even though the meters in Halion are moving as expected.

I have restarted my PC, and from advice in another thread gone to Play>Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments and/or Apply Default Playback Template.

With Dorico closed, I get sound as normal from any other application.

I have attached some screenshots if anyone would be kind enough to take a look to see if they can give any advice :slight_smile:

No Sound 02_161024.PNG

And here’s the last screenshot
No Sound 04_161024.PNG

I was having the same issue after switching VST’s. I solved it by returning to the write page, double clicking on the first note in the first bar, the carrot appears, then press escape. This also works when midi keyboard has no connection to the VST instrument inside Dorico.


Thanks for the suggestion JM - sadly it doesn’t work for me.

Have been having the same problem for a while, but have accidentally solved it (for one of my test projects at least) by exporting the ‘silent’ project as a MusicXML file and then importing this file instead. The Halion window loaded correctly and all the sounds I expected to appear were there.

There must be something wrong with the file that I’ve been working on. I’ve just opened up a new file by importing an .xml file and I’m getting sounds now (but still not for the original file I was working on).

I’ll try creating a new file again from scratch (Like I did with my original file) and see if that works OK.

Yup - it was that one original file that has something screwy about it.

In your original file, try Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments to see if that kicks it back into life.

Thanks Daniel, I did try that with no success (also Apply Default Playback Template). Now that it appears to be working with new files, I’m happy to write off that first file I was working on.