No playback

I recently reinstalled Dorico to a new Mac. My playback mode has no VST instruments showing on the right side. How do I check to see if these have been installed on my machine (my IT, unfortunately, does the installs, so I am not sure)? Where do I look? How do I get these going?

HALion Sonic SE gets installed under /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3/Steinberg
The Halion Symphonic Orchestra library (also needed) gets installed under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound/VST Sound - HSO

If they are not there, ask your IT to run the Dorico installer again and make sure that really everything gets installed. Probably they opted out to save space, because especially the Symphonic Orchestra library is quite big, takes about 6 GByte or so.

I dont want to hijack this thread, but I have what seems to be a similar problem to jeffmh60’s, with no Halion Symphonic Orchestra library in …/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/ and running the full dorico 1.1.1 installer skips the stage were I specify the content to install. Running the “Instrument Set HSO.pkg” separately apparently installs audio samples etc. but files appear nowhere. My situation is that I have playback from the mixer via either the Halion Sonic SE or the 'PlayerMain V." if chosing Symphoic Orchestra. Do I need to make a complete uninstall of Dorico? If so, please give instructions as I do not see I may do that.

I’m currently not in the office and don’t have access to a Mac. Just out of my head I can’t tell anymore how the installation process looks like. Daniel, could you please step in and give some advice (or someone else?)

Lars, it sounds as if you need to run the other two installers in addition to the Dorico 1.1 full installer: you also need to run the “HALion Sonic SE for Dorico 1.1.10” and “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” installers.

Daniel, the Steinberger download assistant only gives access to the 1.1.10 full installer; I ran this and then “HALion Sonic SE for Dorico 1.1.10” and “HALion Symphonic Orchestra”. Unfortunately with the same result: no HALion Symphonic Orchestra library in …/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/ and choosing “Symphonic Orchestra” in the VST Intrument column in Dorico does not bring the corresponding instruments up in the mixer, only the “PlayerMain V.”

You don’t need to use “Symphonic Orchestra” from the VST Instruments panel in Dorico – Dorico will load the HSO sounds automatically into HALion Sonic SE. Try using Play > Apply Default Playback Template to reset the sounds in your project, then take a look and see what has been loaded into HSSE.

Selecting Play > Apply Default Playback Template did the trick, Daniel - thanks!