No Players as menu choice for flow?

Would it be possible to add the menu choice No Players for a selected flow in Setup mode? I’m working on a workbook that has in total a lot of instruments, but lots of flows use only a single instrument. By default all instruments are selected for a new flow and I have to deselect every instrument, except the single one I need for that flow. It would be easier to start with an empty flow.

As things stand, it would be quicker to shift+select all players in the left panel, then untick the flow from the bottom panel. Remember that those context menus aren’t the only way!

Actually, I realise now that I wasn’t doing things correctly. I am using lots of very short flows in my project and should instead choosing the instruments used in them in the music Frame.

One other question: Is there a way to let a flow start from a specific bar number? I have a full score in one flow and was thinking of simply creating new flows, then choosing the full score flow in a new music frame, choosing the instruments I want to see and the bar number they should start at.

No. The expectation is that you will want to see the whole flow. You can have multiple frame chains, though, meaning that the frame on page one contains Flow X, Bars 1-17, and the frame on page one also contains Flow X but automatically starts at Bar 18.