No PlugIn GUI in N8


have installed the demo of N8 and all my bridged PlugIns have no GUI, white field only. Ok, most of the old PlugIns I can replace, but not my Wizzoo Verb. Love this Verb on Drums. All driver are actual on my system and in N7, I have no problem with this.

Any solution?

I’m just downloading N8 now, so only know this from N7 and prior:

Have you tried switching the plug to Generic View? I’ve needed to do that with some of my legacy and/or self-written VSTs.

I don’t know this issue in N7, I know it only from N7 forum :wink:
Now, in N8 I have it too. So I’ll try your suggetion. Thanx!

Are your old p!ugins 32 or 64 bit?

N8 does not support 32-bit plugins, but you will be able to run them if you use jBridge.

I use JBridge for these 32Bit PlugIns …

Hm … I’m the only one, who have this problem?
I try N8 demo only, but what is, if I buy N8 and install it as a Update? Any experience with it? Bridged 32Bit PlugIns with N8 anyone?

The best, I download WLab 9.1 Update too and then blank PlugIn GUIs in WLab 9 also, so all my Masterpresets are for the ton.

Now I have restore my DAW (with a c: image) and all run fine again, without N8 Demo and WLab 9 Update …

PS: After install N8 Demo, I export my Generic Remote xml from N7 to N8 and then my Remote was broken also - in N7 and N8.