No plugins and repeated crashes.

I open WL 8.5 with a blank workspace, no plugins.
I open 3 audio files to edit, i play first, i skip to 2nd, at 3rd it just crashes.
It happens every time. :confused:


I think it would be helpful to verify these things:

  1. Are you using the montage or have you loaded 3 separate audio files in the audio editor space?
  2. What version of WaveLab are you using? 8.5.30 is most current.
  3. What operating system you are using.
  4. What type of files are you playing when it crashes (WAV, AIFF, sample rate/bit depth etc.)
  5. Sound Card make/model

If you provide that info and also post a crash dump, maybe a fix can be suggested.

On Mac, crash dump can be found here:
Macintosh HD>Users>Username>Library>Logs>Diagnostics Reports

Look for a crash dump with WaveLab 8.5 in the name with the time stamp of when your crash occurred.