No plugins except Steinberg functioning in Cubase for me

I use Cubase Artist 11. I’ve purchased quite a few plugins (VST instruments and plugins and include those from Waves, Positive Grid, etc.) and although I see them in VSTPlugin manager and they are not blocklisted, they are not functional at all in Cubase. In fact, it seems the only functional VST plugins in Cubase are those that come from Steinberg. I am a newbie and probably missing something VERY simple. What am I missing? Thank you!


When you click on those Instrument items in the media bay (As you are demonstrating) it takes you to the Cubase preset list for that instrument. And there will be no presets for third party instruments in there as you wouldn’t have set any up (In fact, you don’t need to).

Instead of clicking on them as you are doing, You need to drag and drop the instrument from your first image (on the left) onto where the tracks are on the left, and it will be added to your project.

Or you can create a new ‘instrument’ track, as so:-

  1. Select Project > Add Track > Instrument.
  2. Open the Instrument pop-up menu and select a VST instrument for the instrument track.
  3. Click Add Track.

Or, Quickest method i use is to right click in the track area (where i’ve red circled) and pick the type of track you want to create, if you pick instrument track you can just pick your instrument from a selection box.

There’s also a plus button at the top of the track list where you can add new track types too. (Many options!).

THANK YOU!!! Ive been pulling my hair out over this!