no polyph. playback with Olympus Choir

I created a divisi such as:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-16 um 17.55.05.png
Only A2,II is being played back - I can’t here the dissonance between the Db in A2,I and the C in A2,II.

Another problem with Olympus Choir:
When I’m editing notes there sometimes no noteOff message is being sent and the note gets stuck and is played forever.
I have a very powerful computer, so CPU should not be the problem.

I think the possibilities with the version of the Olympus PlugIn which SoundIron provides Dorico, are very limited.
No polyphonic playback in divisi is possible, NoteOffs are not working properly,…all in all a poor PlugIn for deeper use.
Sorry for that.
My EW choir is too heavy for 32 voices, Olympus is too ‘basic’ for what I need it…I’m kind of lost/desperate here.

For deeper use you can always buy the full package.
One of the reasons for manufacturers to provide these limited packages is to stimulate interest in their full packages.

Use the “sustain” patches rather than the “legato” patches and you’ll find that they are polyphonic. If you really want to use the “legato” patches you can use the new independent voice routing feature in Dorico 3 to use a separate channel for each (Dorico) voice in each (choral) voice part.