No 'preset' options in Key Commands window

Hi I’m not getting any ‘preset’ options in the Key Commands window.

I’m using Meap and trying to import their key commands preset, which never appeared when I installed. The Meap file is .xml but the presets says it only open .key??

Apparently there should be a list of factory presets from Cubase 8, but I cannot see anything. I’ve tried copying files into the directory manually etc.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Are you on a Mac or PC?

C8 on PC

And your keycommand’s name is meap?

Key commands name is:


You must manually drag the file to the Key Commands Preset folder in your Cubase user data folder. The .key format no longer exists.

As Steve said copy your .xml file to" C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\Presets\KeyCommands.
Then you are ready to go.

P.S These folders are hidden you must change it in folder options “view hidden files and folders”