No presets, files etc.

Hello guys!

I’m totally fresh in cubase, but i have one BIG problem. I don’t have any of presets, files etc in all C8 Pro instruments and plugins and additionally i don’t have in few 3rd party plugins…
Anyone can help me?

It appears your content for Cubase Pro 8 is missing. I would suggest uninstalling, then reinstalling from the Complete Installer in your MySteinberg account under My Downloads. When you install, be sure to choose the option to “Install for All Users” if you see that option.

With third party plugins, I would suggest verifying their preset setup (some will be within the plugin, and some will use the VST3 Media Bay options).

Cubase don’t like user account, i install that on adminaccound and just work fine :wink:

Glad to hear it! Yes, “Install for All Users” and installing with “Run as Admin” is often a good idea, especially if you still have User Account Control Settings turned up (which we do not recommend). Thanks for the update and Happy Recording!