No presets in Retrologue in Cubase 6

Hi Folks,

I see there have been problems with downlaods of 6.5. I paid and downloaded 6.5 only to find out, just now, that one of the new synths, “Retrologue”, did not update into my VST instruments folder. I only found that this synth was part of the upgrade from reading a review in Computer Music!!! I then looked and found it in the 6.5 folder and have installed it. However there are no presets. Form the review I read I understood there to be possibly 300 with Padshop offering 400.

I am not impressed with Steinberg. Charging for the upgrade and then the download does not work. All I want to do is make music and not struggle to make the software work and be denied things I have paid for!!!

Can anyone tell me where the presets are for Retrologue?

A very dissatisfied Steinberg user,

Jasonsaxo :frowning:

I got the latest update and after a week or so the Retrologue presets have completely disappeared.
They were there when I updated and up to last week.
This is not good.