No Preview Button while modifying Offline Process?

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How can one modify an EQ setting without being able to hear the effect?


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You can here the effect before applying it.

First, make the settings in the VST Connections. Switch to the Studio Tab, Add the Monitor 1 Bus, and set your Main Output here (ie. Line Out 1-2 for example).

To this output, Nuendo routes all Previews, like from the off line processed effects; signal from the MediaBay Preview; or player from the Import Audio window.


Thanks for you reply, Martin.

However, I mean that while modifying an EQ that was applied earlier the Preview Button is greyed out. Maybe I should change the title of my post.

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You can switch on the Preciew button, and than make changes. You will here the change in the real time.

Are we talking about the same thing here?

When applying an effect for the first time the Preview Button is available. Opening the Offline Process History displays the effect applied. Highlighting it and selecting modify brings you back to the plugin window. This is when the Preview Button is greyed out.

I just tried what you suggested and created a monitor bus, but this makes no difference whatsoever.

Oh, I see. We are not talking about the same. :slight_smile: I didn’t know, you process the changes, and then try to go back by the Offline Process History.

In this case, you are right, there is not possible to here it, because the Preview button is grey. :confused:

I just read a 7 year old post about the same thing. Fredo said:

“Your last effect (or a middle one) is based upon a previous applied effect.
So in order to have a correct preview, all preceding effects (and maybe also those who come after) need to be re-applied also.”

But I’m talking about a single effect. I understand the technical difficulties involved when dealing with multiple effects, but wouldn’t it make sense if the Preview Button were available if only 1 effect is being applied?