No preview of sounds in mediabay

Windows 7/ 64 bit cubase 7.5. No audio playback of any kind in mediabay previewer. I can drag the content into my project and hear it just fine, but not in mediabay. It does work perfect in cubase 6.5 on same machine. I did uninstall
7.5 and re-install bit still same problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Is it solved when you change the output settings (devices/connections) on the “Studio” tab to the same settings as what you find under “outputs” ? (actually this replaces the settings under “outputs”)

see p. 212 on the operation manual.

If yes: it is something with your monitoring setup that is not correctly setup.
It is very dependend on the type of soundcard you’re using so you should tell us what kind of hardware you use.

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Problem Solved-go to device, VST connections, Studio tab. disable control room then all audition audio will go out your main stereo out. Thanks to Roel for your quick reply and direction.