No Preview Sound Playing

Hi guys, having an issue with Cubase 8 preview function. I can’t hear any preview sounds for effect processing or audio sample clips etc. Everything else works sound wise just fine. Just the preview function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Are you using the “control room feature?”

Press F4 (vst connections) , click on the “studio” tab all the way on the right. If you have it enabled, then you need to connect your monitors there. Not under outputs.

That might be what it is… I had that issue a while back


Thanks Charlie (assuming name)

Thats exactly what it was, corrected and working fine. Appreciate the help a lot! :slight_smile:

Can you leave Control Room Active and have it act as it is supposed to, whilst still being able to prelisten Mediabay stuff on your main speakers? (Still on Artist, here)

by doing what is written above the Media bay Problem is solved but then i cant hear my metronorm click

If memory serves, the metronome has a separate on/off switch in the Control Room tab. This isn’t the same as the one on the Transport bar, though it’s ultimately controlled from there or from keyboard shortcut c.

Thanks a lot. It worked just fine.