No problem resolution since 4th december 2023: how ot ask for refund?

I have a freezing problem since 4th december 2023 in cubase pro 13. At the end of a recording (midi + audio via asio), cubase 13 freezes for a time proportional to the recording time (sometimes minutes !!!).

I provided many times the freezing dumps, but 13.0.40 still does not resolve the issue. I am tired of this. cubase pro 12 works perfectly.

How can i ask for a refund ?

Contact Steinberg, this is a user forum.

Mathieu - it’s got to be something misbehaving in your system. Reading back through your posts, you haven’t tried much to fix this yet. Have you yet tried a fresh install of 13 without any external plugins?

Yes I did try, following the guidelines from the customer support. Deactivating all plugins among other things.

Anyway, in the exact same conditions, c12 does not freeze while c13 does.

I provided the auto mini dumps generated when the process freezes, but they are ignoring it for at least 3 consecutive releases.

I think I want to wait for c14 and pay only for this update.

The thing is it’s just you that’s having this issue, so it’s not likely it’s a problem with cubase. I would guess the problem is something to do with your storage; it’s important to turn off backups, anti-virus etc while you troubleshoot. Otherwise, have you tried with your inbuilt audio card (or just a different one?

Are you from Steinberg ?

Just noting that this is a user forum, where some users will have troubleshooting tips and advice that’s worth trying.

If you want to talk to the support team you must open a ticket. If you are simply hitting the button to send crash dumps the company, these are anonymous.

I know. I opened tickets, and I provided minidumps to the customer service several times for several versions, but more recently they are not answering for unkown reasons for more that a month, and this happened several times.