No profile manager in Artist

I noticed artist version has no profile manager (Which I think every version should have this feature as it is a necessary function for all users)

However I have tried to import my own key commands and preferences files with no luck. Any ideas on how I should go about this?

I have had major computer issues and I just created a new build recently. In order to protect myself I would like to have all my key commands and settings saved in case something happens or if I use Cubase on another computer. Thanks


This import Key Command button is leftover from the very old Cubase versions. Copy the KeyCommands.xml file to the Preferences folder.

Well, it seems that Steinberg should fix that.

It’s not a big it’s for the backward compatibility to be able to use KeyCommands from older Cubase versions. But at the other hand I agree, you would rather by able to import KeyCommands from the current Cubase a convenient way.

yes and I honestly think a profile manager should be in each version of Cubase. Like I said it’s an important feature that can benefit every cubase user. Not just PRO version owners.
Or what would be cool is if we could purchase certain attributes of Pro. For instance, I purchased the MP3 conversion on Exports for my Artist.
I would like the ability to purchase various features that are useful in Pro, but I don’t necessarily need all the features in Pro. I am a home studio user so Artist version is just about perfect for me. One other feature I would love to buy is the ability to print effects onto my audio. This is possible in Pro but not in Artist