No Program Changes in VST3 - regrettable decision

Steinberg’s decision of making VST3 instruments unresponsive to MIDI Program Changes means that unless I install my VST3 instruments as VST2, I cannot make nor create and test my live sets in Cubase and have to take them elsewhere.

I wish a plug-in or setting for program changes, CC etc. were created.

A VST3 plugin can has as many program lists as it wants. If the plug-in does not implement it, it’s their fault.
It’s the same for MIDI Program Change, not all plug-ins implement this and it’s not the fault of Cubase that they don’t implement it.


So it is possible to have a VST3instrument respond to MIDI Prg Changes from a MIDI keyboard / interface (DIN cable), provided this functionality is implemented in the VST3 instrument? Could you kindly tell what this parameter is or point me to the specs so I can quote them for the manufacturer. They’re under the impression that this is not possible. When I was in contact with them, I got this reply:
“The program change messages are not received by the VST 3 ( this is because Steinberg wanted to abstract all midi messages with VST parameters and prevent the plugins from processing raw midi events). As far as I know, it is a limitation imposed by steinberg, there is no workaround, except by loading the plug-in as a VST2 instead of VST3.”
I’m very glad if this is not so - this manufacturer is very responsive to users’ wishes, and would surely implement the necessary VST function.
Thank you for your help,

The manufacturer is welcome to join our developer forum at There we can help him with this stuff.


Thank you! I’ll ask them to join the forum. But could you confirm that a VST3 instrument hosted by Cubase will respond to old-style MIDI Program Change (and Bank Change) messages sent from an external MIDI device, provided that the VST3 instrument has the required VST3 parameter implemented?

yes this is possible the same as with old style VST 2 plug-ins.

Excellent! Thank you.