No punch-in/punch-out on new transport panel in Elements 9

I just upgraded from Cubase Elements 8 to Elements 9 on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, 1607. I like the new integrated transport panel but do not understand how to use the punch-in/punch-out feature. In the “Setup Toolbar” window “Punch Points” is checked but I don’t see buttons like the old transport panel has. Keyboard shortcuts “I” and “O” work, but there is no indicator on the display that tells me that Punch-In or Out is activated. I must be missing something. Can anyone please offer some insight?
Transport Panel.jpg

If you go into setup are they on the right hand side…maybe try moving them to a different position.
NB in my default C9 Pro they are between locators and transport and definitely are visible.

That said I have a vague recollection posting to someone else who may have had this problem…can’t find the thread though.

Thanks Grim. I have tried moving it as well as hiding and un-hiding it. No luck.

How about on the floating transport…missing there too?

The other thread I remembered was actually about missing pre and post roll in the transport…not punch.

Punch-in and punch-out button are both visible on the floating transport and working as expected but no buttons appear on the new transport bar in the lower zone. I am hoping that someone using Elements 9 can tell me if they have punch buttons on the lower zone toolbar or not.