NO rant , just facts Cubase 13 Audio engine Spikes compared to Cubase 12

I am fairly sure I know the reason why using a different person’s cpr file worked: He had set the sample rate to 44.1kHZ, and mine was at 48kHZ. Seeing as these are project based settings, and not system preferences, they had a direct effect on my experience.

Also, when deleting all the preferences, the default setting is 44.1kHZ when re-initiating Cubase. Lowering the sample rate on my system reduces the strain just enough to avoid the audio pop-ups, so that it now works as it should.

Hi Doc. I’m on Win 10 22H2. Up until now (Cubase 13) the ‘Enable MMCSS for ASIO’ has made zero performance difference on my system. So clearly something has changed under the hood in this Cubase version.

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Hello mlib,
I’m not finding a “Preferences” folder on my Windows 10 system. Is that a specific folder on Apple or should it be on Windows too?
For example, I looked at my \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64
Which is where the user manual says the settings/preferences are stored. I see a bunch of .xml files for various things and one named Default.xml which seems to be most of the Cubase preferences as far as I can tell. Are you saying that I should rename the “Cubase 10.5_64” folder to something else?
What are the exact files and/or paths that need to be renamed or deleted. I would like to make backups just in case.
Thank you!

Yes. That is the so called preferences folder.

That is a good idea. I do the same regularly. That entire folder.

Thank you for the clarification.

This may be helpful for many of us. For my part, I have already adopted the 44.1kHz solution that Oli talks about in his video. All my projects are now at this sample rate (24/44).

Hi @peterharket ,
can you still reproduce the spikes with the old template? I didn’t manage to reproduce your issue on my M1 Sonoma (MacStudio M1 Ultra), but would like to compare the template.cpr files anyway. So if you could share it via PM or on the forum would be great.
Please also submit your .spx file and the audio interface + settings you are using.

I really wish I could, but I deleted all my previous preferences and all the template files (which is what solved the problem)…

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Then let’s keep it like this - better for you. And I’ll hopefully find a reproducer project pair. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: !