No reaction on changed volume fader (target reduce volume for specific piano sound)

Dear VST-Live-Team,

I am currently migrating all my songs from my old VST-Host-Software to VST-Live.

VST-Live is working great and I am making good progress.
But with one song I found an issue that I cannot change the volume of a piano sound within a soung / layer.

Normally you just need to change the volume slider and then the sound is getting more or less louder.

Screenshot 1

But in this explicit case it seems that VST live ignores the value of the fader. It seems that this issue is reproducable. I extracted the song for you and copied it to a demo poject to make the analysis easier for you.
test project (340.5 KB)

It would be great if you please could analye and give feeback.
I hope that I did not made any mistake, but for now it seems that this is not the case. For all of my other songs I can change the volume without any problems.

Thanks in advance for your great support.

Kind regards

Can’t find any problem with that. Kontakt doesn’t work for me in this setup, so as ever so often, I set the output of the Layer to Virtual Midi 3, then open Devices/MIDI Monitor set to Virtual Midi 3 as well, and you can see what it sends when you move the MIDI Volume fader or any other MIDI sending items. This is what is beeing sent to whatever destination you set as Layer output (Instrument), so if Kontakt doesn’t react as expected, there is most probably an issue somewhere else in your configuration? What if you replace Kontakt with another VST Instrument?

Thank you Musicullum, for your fast and helpful support :-). I replaced the VST instrument and afterwards it was working!