No recent files and my last file won't open


I am in some trouble here. Suddenly the list of recent projects is empty, and when I try to open the file I last worked on, I get “Error opening file”. All other files open fine.

One more strange thing. When I open files, Dorico wants to show me the introduction to the program again. Did not happen in a long time. Is this related?

And, most important, is there a way to rescue my file? Maybe there is a folder with backups?


What files are present in the folder that originally contained your project (Dorico Projects, by default in the Documents Folder in WIndows)?

Everything is still there, but nothing shows up on the recent files list in the hub.
The file that brings the error message is also there as before.

…and with everything I mean project files and some generated PDFs. No backup or autosave files - should they be in there?

Can you manually Open the files in the Dorico Projects folder (other than perhaps the one that caused an error)?

Yes, no problem. I am working along now. I redid what I lost and now I am making backup copies now and then not to lose anything again.