No Recording or Playback

I installed the Windows 10 “Anniversary Patch,” and now I no longer can record or playback sound.

I’m using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio hardware, I have the latest drivers for it, the latest version of Cubase 8 LE, the latest Windows updates.

The hardware works fine outside of Cubase. I can see the monitors turn green/red on the hardware when I speak into the microphone.

In VST Connections, I have the inputs and outputs set to Focusrite Scarlett ASIO. In my track channel settings, the inputs and outputs are set to the correct options.

Everything was working fine before the Windows 10 update. Has anyone else had this issue?

set VST-Auiod-System: to the driver of your scarlett-audio-interface?. got a Scarlett-Audio-Interface too, and it works with Cubase on Windows 8.1.

It was set to the Focusrite Scarlett ASIO driver, but I found out how to fix the problem.

If I switch to the generic driver, and then back to the Scarlett one, it works again. But I have to do this every time I open the program now.

:confused: one tiny tipp, but i guess, it won´t work that out. Go to the Device-Manager and set the built in soundcard of your computer deactivated, so it will run the next soundcard, which is able to/ connected. so you can always the hear the sound, even for your computer souns or maybe internet, through your Audio-interface.