No Repeat endings slash regions


I found out, that repeat endings are not possible, when there is a slash region.
Is there a reason for that?

Bets Regatds

It is possible to have a repeat ending over a slash region, but it’s tricky to create it if you don’t have any other instruments present in the project. The reason for this is that when you select a slash in a slash region, it’s not the same kind of selection as if you have an actual note (because it’s not an actual note). We try to hide these kinds of dirty secrets as best we can, but there are cases where it is technically awkward to do. For now, either make a selection on another staff at the place where you want the ending to be added, or temporarily remove or shorten the slash region, then add your repeat endings.

Similar problems come up when trying to select chord symbols. And when there are a lot of flags displaying, selection can be difficult or impossible.

Most other programs handle this by allowing the user to continue clicking the same pixel to cycle through the elements that could be intended.

There is a modifier for clicking “through” the currently selected item to select the item behind it, but I can’t remember what it is. I’m sure somebody can!

Wow, that’s useful! It’s shift+option on mac.

I find it funny and ironic that the “Dorico god” himself doesn’t remember the keyboard shortcut. :smiley:

Alt-shift click : I did not even know this existed! VERY useful when dealing with overlapping frames in Engrave mode !!!

You want the next update out soon? You cut the maestro some slack. :laughing:

Especially during the third week of a heat wave. Here in London our housing is built without air conditioning, and I for one haven’t had enough sleep lately…


Hi all!

I just searched for this issue, because I ran into it… :wink: Is there anything new coming to make it easier assigning repeat endings to slash regions??


No, not in the near future.

No problem, thx and keep up the good work!