No reply from support... Cannot re install/register Cubase

Hi, I have sent two emails to support now and recieved nothing, not even an automated response in over a week! Very disappointing Steinberg.

So I am trying to reinstall Cubase 6.5 on my new laptop and having a major brick wall problem.

The dongle in the box I have seems to be different to the one that I originally registered on… and the one I previously had has been sold with other software, and no longer have it. Im sure it would have been wiped so I dont know why this is causing problems.

I have wiped everything off my account to try and start fresh, cubase, dongles, everything, but now I cannot re register anything back on, as I am stuck at the dongle hurdle not letting me register cubase.


So you do now have a new dongle? And you transferred the Cubase 6 license to your new dongle before selling it…?

I didnt transfer it no. I never used the dongle in the box, and added it on to one I already used (For Nexus).

So, you aree now using the new dongle, and sold the dongle for Nexus, which also contained the Cubase license, which you did not transfer to the new dongle before selling the old (for Nexus) one?

Yea, well ‘trying’ to use the unused box dongle. But when I try to add cubase to it, it says it is already in use.

Yea, well ‘trying’ to use the unused box dongle. But when I try to add cubase to it, it says it is already in use.

If you didn´t transfer your license from the old dongle to the new dongle, before selling the old one, it is still on the old Dongle, and you can´t download the license a second time. Your best bet is to contact the buyer, to send the old dongle back, with the Cubase license on it.

I sold it on ebay, to a guy in New York over 6 Months ago… Going to be difficult :frowning: Surely there is some other way around this?

Usually the way around it is to buy a new license, but maybe if you ask them very kind, Steinberg will offer you a license for free…

What is the best way to ask… as I have requested support twice with no response.

I think all you can do is wait… (I know, not what you wanted to hear…)

Ok, I think I have found the guy who has my old dongle. I can email them. Is there anything I can do or ask them to do online to help? without sending back the dongle? I could buy them a new dongle, but then it will all get even more messy with them having to transfer it :smiley:

BTW thank you for your help!!!

Fact is: Someone has to transfer the Cubase License (and only the Cubase license) to a second dongle, which you have to get somehow :slight_smile:
And to transfer the license, both Dongles (the one to tranfser from and the one to transfer to) need to be on the same Computer

Ok, so the person with the old dongle didnt reply. That means I basically NEED a new license. Steinberg support is the worst I’ve ever witness… No replies from support tickets/email, no answer on phone, how the hell are you supposed to contact them?

You should certainly prepare mentally to buy a new version of Cubase anyway.