No reset Midi driver in Cubase 7

hi…newbie here…it seems that when I go online to youtube watch some video and go back into cubase 7.0 my midi keyboard and audio unit will not communicate with cubase. to remedy tthis I alway have to go into logic pro 9 and reset the midi driver (same problem as in cubase)…I have tried the audio midi setup in Mountain lion 10.8.3…but this does not work…its always the midi driver that needs to be reset…it seems that cubase 7 does not have this feature of resetting the midi driver or am I wrong? If I am wrong where is the midi driver reset in cubase 7?..I have tried mostly everything to reset it…thank god for logic pro 9…can anyone assist? Thank you…btw this would be a great new feature on the next update for cubase 7 if they can do it.

You just posted this 3 days ago, and it was answered.

Sorry and ty SteveInChicago…your anwser to my problem did not work…I just responded to it in that post and now am asking again…the problem is that the midi driver needs to be reset each time I go off the web and into cubase or even for that fact logic pro…logic pro has a reset midi driver function in preference…in cubase I cant find where that would be located if they had one…so my problem still exist…the midi audio setup doesnt reset my midi driver as u suggested…does anyone have a solution?

There is a reset button in Device Setup.