No Response from Note Velocity

I’m using spector and i played my mellody,and there is this high pitch note that i need to make quieter or more quiet (which ever is correct) in the mix. But regardless after adjusting the note velocity for that note it still has no effect on it.Main velocity works fine for that Instrument,but the note velocity inside my piano roll has no effect on it.

Again My VST Instrument is spector

Can someone please assist me with this. What are the possible reasons for this?

Some patches, especially synth leads, are not programmed to respond to note velocity. If this is the cause, you can edit the patch to react to it. In the instrument look at the “event” tab. There is a “velocity” area where you can modify parameters on the instrument that are affected by the note velocity. Check the Plug In Reference for more details.

Yo Jaslan as ironic as it may sound,i increased the velocity of the note and it actually had a reverse effect where it actually decreased the velocity of the note. I Don’t know what is the explanation for that,but my problem is actually solved.

Haven’t tried using spector much, but on my blofeld I can use a negative multiplier for velocity, IE it’ll work the other way around. My guess it’s simply a feature of the preset you use, dig a bit further into spector and you might find out how to change it.