No response from tech support

Hi guys

EDIT: 5 minutes after posting this i’ve had an email from tech support spookily

I’m loving Cubase 7, though having quite a few bugs/issues with it, but worth working with however, having said that i am desperately trying to reach tech support with no luck.

I’ve emailed twice, waited over a week now with no email reply.
I’ve called countless times but am left on hold as the line is always busy and closes, re-opens through the day.

Is this normal? Or due to the recent release of 7 overloading the department?

I’d be pretty concerned as a full time producer if support response is always this slow :frowning:


A cynical response would be:

“Why make software so good people do not need to upgrade?”

“Always leave your audience wanting more”

"Why pay programmers when your clients will do all the testing for you? "

I like Cubase and Steinberg although IMHO the bigger a company gets the more cynical its policies. Business as usual. :unamused: Especially when the company is ‘taken over’.

Cubase support in New Zealand is non-existent at my last attempt.

Well I have found that the average time response from Steinberg Support is 1-2 weeks.
I can’t remember getting any response quicker than a week.
My guess is they only have one person working through a large backlog of inquiries.

For some requests/questions that I have sent to SB Support, I have gotten responses in a reasonable timeframe. And, they do admit to having been busy and/or having had some system problems. My advice, be patient. CS.

I would agree. However it is easier said than done when you are under pressure.

I’ve contacted support twice in the last couple of months and gotten next business day responses in both cases. I wonder if location plays into the response times. I’m in the US.

Thanks guys.

I guess with the new versions out now they must be pretty busy.

Actually, once in contact they have replied pretty fast and very helpful. Was a bit worried at first but support is pretty good once the case is opened :slight_smile:

Write an email directly to info at steinberg dot de has never failed me at any time from (almost) any email address