No results on loudness meter after 'quick analysis'.

Everything seems to be running great in N7 except when I perform the ‘quick analysis’ on the loudness track it draws the line just fine but I get no results on the meter except for the peak value. The peak value given is also an extremely low value (-75db or something) which seems to be very reminiscent of the the bug in the loudness meter in earlier versions of N6. The meter displays the numbers just when playing the mix back. Is this just me? It must be, I can’t imagine this making it through testing.


Dave, I’ve just done a quick test here and it’s working as it should…

Just a thought… You do have a range (ie loop) selected?
Bye Tumppi

Well I give up… I have tried nuking the preferences and starting a fresh project and I have still have the same problem. It all works fine in N6.5 but not in N7. Might just have to give up on N7 till I do a windows reinstall. Any other suggestions?


I had it happen once, and all the data appeared after selecting some other track and then re selecting the loudness track. Probably some GUI issue.

I’m having the same problem. Loudness Value not showing up in Loudness track or controlroom mixer when performing quick analysis. Seems like a bug.

Yes, same problem here! It works fine on playback, but no results after quick analysis…



Works just fine here.


Quick analysis doesn`t work with every signal flow:
e.g. it ignores input monitoring, so if you monitor thru a Record Track, it will not work.

Check wit a very simple setup first, ont track, one output, simple control room…

That goes without saying.
“Quick analysys” actually bounces the project between the locators and performs an analysis on that (temp)-mixdown.
For real time analysis, you need a complete different tool.



The problem with me is that when you do a quick analysis in Nuendo 6.5, the loudness meter section next to the mixer will give you the momentary max, short term, range and true peak besides the intergrated value.
Now in Nuendo 7 the menu stays empty after doing a quick analysis.
It still works fine on playback though…



How many outputs do you have?
Master Out Stereo, and what else?
To which output are you listening?
Do the results oif the analysis show in the Project Inspector?
Does the meter show results when you analyse the project in a normal way (playback in stead of Quick analysis)

Really, you will have to run some tests, it is very difficult to troubleshoot your system from here.



-We have 1 Master output that goes to the speakers.
-That is the same output we listen to, and where we get the loudness readings on.
-The results don’t show up in the Project inspector.
-But we do get the results when we use in in the normal “playback” way.



So this is what I get:
Loudness 2.jpg

Same here: Simple project, one audiotrack, one MAIN output, one Loudness track. Quick analysis gives no readout! PLEASE fix this ASAP in next update!!

Apple OSX 10.9.4 - MOTU AudioExpress
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Doesn’t work here either. ;-/

Same error here.

As I write two week ago in the post “No data on Loudness Meter” we don’t get any information in the inspector and in the controlroom window when we make a quick analyse.
Please make it work, because we wait for that to work on Nuendo 7.

I have to unfortunately join this choir singing it ain’t working.
Quick analysis results no readings either in inspector nor loudness meter. But it draws loudness curve tho.
Fix this asap!

no fix for this in N7.0.3…
Dave, please mark this as ISSUE…