No Reverb - Part II

I have 2 drives on my system. 1 for the operating system (C:) and the other (D:) for Cubase related work. I have installed both Cubase 6 and Halion Sonic on drive D: with no issues whatsoever. Not so with the Grand 3. I installed the Grand 3, both program and content on drive D:. What should I find, but that the Pianos sound great and I can pull up the Piano presets, but there are no Reverb Presets or Scale presets. Reinstalled it 2 more times, but no go. Submitted a support request to Steinberg. Steinberg set up a “phone appointment” since we can no longer call Steinberg directly for support in the US. 2 weeks in a row the Steinberg support person requesting the appointment did not call. After the third week I was obliged to contact the US field marketing manager who helped resolve the problem.

The end result is that while the content can be installed on any drive, the program must be installed to drive C:. Please Steinberg, after all of these years, can your programmers not understand that we, your customers, would like to be able to build optimized systems that allow us to NOT have to install your products on the system drive?