No RF64 support in Wavelab Elements 9?

Hi folks,

We are using a workflow which incorporates two flavours of Wavelab: Wavelab 7 (the full version) and Wavelab Elements 9. We need to be able to open files made in Wavelab 7, using Elements 9.

Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that RF64 wavs made in Wavelab 7 will not open in Elements 9. We’d thought initially that this was something to do with the file size limitation that the latest Elements update fixed, but apparently this isn’t the case.

So: if I make a wav of >2GB with Wavelab 7, Element 9 refuses to open it , complaining that ‘This Audio File seems to contain corrupted or damaged data. It can not be opened. Most probably, the application that created this file [Wavelab!] is responsible. For security reasons, WaveLab Elements will not open a file that is not perfectly formatted.’

If I turn off RF64 support in Wavelab 7, open the file and re-save it (so it’s no longer an RF64), then Elements will open it fine.

Is this a purposeful limitation of the software, or is it something that might be fixed? I ask because we do really need to make RF64 files (regularly exceeding 4GB), and we really do need to be able to open them!

Hope someone can help.


Well, WaveLab Elements can’t read and write RF-64.
Since it can read decoded files (eg. mp3) larger than 2 GB, this is right it should at least read RF64, even it the write option is not available.
I note this for a future update. But sorry, for the time being, there is no solution.


Many thanks Philippe.

It seems Elements can open wavs of larger than 2GB if they’re not RF64-formatted: I have a 3GB plain, non-RF64 wav here which opens fine in Elements. So it seems like a format issue rather than just a filesize issue (althought the two are obviously linked).

We look forward to being able to open them in the future.




Are we going to see RF64 support for Elements in the upcoming update please?

Many thanks.