No right-click menu within a sample editor?


I’m aware there have been a few similar posts already regarding the new right-click menu which changes according to the type of event selected (audio / midi), however this seems to work only within the main project window.

In the sample editor, whether it’s in the lower zone or full window, all you get when you right click is to ‘Show Half Level Axis’

So no option to quickly select a part of audio and insert silence or process it without actually going into the menu.

Is this a bug or is it meant to be like that?

I’ve noticed that . This is the first time i’ve had to use Cobase 10 and when i was editing audio i was getting frustarated.
Is there anything in preferences ?

Yes, this is a pita.

I reckon we will see this function comming back in a update.

Seams they have taken a lot of “roughneck” easy workflow solutions and sent them off to the DMV for workflow improvements.
Im running out of sane key commands to cover all the changes. :laughing:

Yes this is pretty bad