No right clip option to save a single clip in 2019? Seriously?

It’s 2019 and close to 2020 and this daw does not have an “easy” save this clip option? Ridiculous.
I spent a full day looking at a way to save an edited drumtrack just to find out that i have to McGuyver it and yet again much to my surprise, you cannot easily save a single clip from an Halion with a right click?

god… this is atrocious for such an expensive daw, this is one primitive feature to “Not Have” as other daws have this embedded in almost right away.

Not impressed!


What exactly do you mean by “save clip”? Especially when you are talking about MIDI data (in the Instrument track), it might be several things. Audio? MIDI data? Where to save it? For what reason?

Maybe I didn’t understand the question, but you can “bounce” a part and event to make a new part with your edits etc rendered to it. I have my custom KC for that - b, and voila. For instrument tracks you can use render in place.

Here is what i want to do.

I want to do a drum track in the drum editor and save the pattern i just made. I was assuming it was going to be a matter of doing it and the drum editor would give me the option of saving in a file what i just did but it does not. I then go in cubase and select the clip i just made and thought i would be able to save it easily, no such thing. When i export the clip and bring it back i opens in halion. The only way i got around that is to minimize Cubase and drag the clip outside on the desktop. It does exactly save it as i would like. A midi file with no extra junk that i can drag back in and it opens up with groove agent only.

At this point i am not looking to bounce/render anything in place as i want to be able to tweak later. I literally spent more than half a day looking at groove agent videos and drum editors videos and everyone stops short of telling you how to save your pattern so they must know that it is a pain to do. I even looked at booth manuals. Groove agent’s manual tells you to go to the cubase manual and in the cubase manual, yet again they stop short of telling you how to save your new, modified drum pattern. I really hate this. Cubase pro is an expensive piece of software and it’s a literal pain in the arse to get some things done. I don’t want a mcGuiver work around. I want a right click, export clip (as it is) solution like Studio one, Like Bitwig and probably like most other DAWS.

and this is only “one” of my beef i discovered when i went back into cubase. I just feel it is tedious and not worth my time, but i like groove agent a lot and wish i could not let the software just waste away.

If there is a way to save the clip easily in drum editor. Please do tell me. I would be very grateful.


So if I understand you right, you want to save the MIDI Part.

Just drag and drop the MIDI Part from the Project window to the desktop. Done.

Or File > Export > MIDI Loop. You can even assign a Key Command. Cannot be faster.

This is a McGuiver solution that makes no sense at all at this close to 800$ Canadian for this software. The software should serve me and not the other way around.

I have no clue why this is not even an option. I saw in the internet that drag and drop was available in version 8 so why was this dropped?
You can save your projects in bits and piece in Ableton or all of it. Bitwig has a right click menu that allows you to save the selected clip, as well as studio one. Frankly i find it very upsetting and frustrating.

I want to build different drum tracks and then assemble then later and fine tune to create a proper drum track and the process to get just make me want to bang my head on the wall so much it is frustrating. I want to stay in cubase because i love the tons of patterns and presets and sounds that the software has and groove agent as a ton of good songs and edm suited pattern which the other daws i own do not have and i want to get the full version of Groove agent and more sound packs and the next update of cubase but i am getting too frustrated about this and i have been looking for another solution to go with bitwig instead.


If your only one accepted way is via right-click and you don’t accept any other solutions (like drag and drop to Explorer or even faster, like a Key Command), then I’m sorry, there is no solution for you in Cubase.

Right click - Export midi loop