No sale to Saudi Arabia?


I got a steinberg audio interface some time ago from a local store here in Saudi Arabia and along with the interface I got Cubase LE AI. Now I want to upgrade to Cubase Artist, however, Saudi Arabia is not present in billing detail and shipping detials when I am trying to purchase online. I believe that means currently steinberg is not providing their services in Saudi Arabia. When asked the local dealer they said they don’t know how they can arrange the software.

Its disappointing as I have spent much time on the basic AI version and Cubase tutorial videos.

Can someone kindly guide me if there is any way around.



If you are willing to get the higher version Cubase Pro 10 instead of Cubase Artist, I have a extra license which I purchased for my another studio, but then changed plans. PM me if you wanna jump in for the Pro version. :slight_smile: