No sample instruments in Halion sonic

Hi :slight_smile: I am not a native English speaker so please understand my incomplete English
and this is my 1st time writing on online post through English so please understand my inappropriate or awkward wording :cry:
But I could not help writing some posts because nobody seems to have this problem…

I have downloaded Cubase AI 9.5 before and today I opened it for the first time (following online tutorial video) but when I opened my Halion sonic there is no sample instruments as this picture:

I have downloaded it on D drive not C but possibly it is not a problem (but I am not good at computer XD so I want to give every information that describes my situation…)

I also read some threads about this problem before writing it and I have checked my D:\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound and checked that there are files ending with .vstsound ---->so it is not a source of problem

Please help me!!! Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

To heaving the library on other then system © drive might be the issue. Officially it’s not supported and as far as I know especially with the library it doesn’t really work.

Install the library to the default folder, please.

then should I re-download it on C?? or moving the library only is possible??


If you know, where it should be placed, you can just move it to the C drive (the right folder). Or you can delete the library from the D drive, and install it again to the default C drive. Then you are sure, the library is on the right place.

As a workaround, to have the library on an other drive is to make the aliases files of all libraries files, and move it to the default folder, where the files spouse to be. Cubase can find the alias (which is very small file), and the large files are stored on the other drive.