No Save Function for Hardware Inserts in i/o Settings?

My Favourite thing for mixing in Cubase is working with Hardware Inserts with delay compensation.

My greatest frustration is that you cant save a preset for this setup!!?

I use my Mic Pres as part of my Hardware Insert setup, if I then I want to record using my Inputs, I can open a saved i/o preset to have all my inputs active (No longer Hardware Insert with delay compensation) - BUT, then i cant recall my hardware insert setup for the mixing stage, which means I have to manually re-assign all inputs and outputs!?

Why is there no save function for hardware inserts? Are there plans to Fix this?

My current solution is to use protools for tracking and Cubase for mixing.
Obviously I would much prefer to just use one DAW.

Any Techs at steingberg want to chime in on this?