No SC button in Vst@64bit...

The following issue occurs when I use 64bit version…

When I use a VST plugin in 32bit version [Waves API comp for example] despite the fact that I can make SC routing
in 64bit version [where I use bridge app.] the VST works fine but the SC button is missing…
Is there any solution or the bridging causing this?

Tnx for your help.

Use Jbridge

This is the app I use…

It makes me wonder that in 32bit mode where I run Cubase 5 I have SC button to all Vsts.
The problem is when I open in 64bit version [Cubase 6]…

You may be using Vst3 version in one instance and a bridged Vst2 version in the other.


Hippp cause I don’t understand should I do something to use both versions or cause of this I miss
SC button?

tnx for the help

Waves are only 32 bit
Waves have both a Vst3 version and a Vst2 version installed.
Vst3 only have sidechain in cubase.
Vst3 can not be bridged by any method only Vst2