No scroll bar on Instruments pane ?

Using Cubase 9.5.30, the Instruments pane has no scroll bar, so I cannot see more than 7.5 instruments. Is this normal? If so, WHY??



First you have to click to the right zone till get the focus there. Then the scroll bar appears. Even if there is no scroll bar, you can use the scroll wheel to scroll up and down.

I click on the window with the instruments in it. I get no scroll bar, as shown in the image previously attached.

I am not using a mouse with a scroll wheel at the moment, but a keyboard with a touch pad.



Can you see the white (focus) frame around the Right Zone after your click there?

I believe even the touch pad has an scrolling possibility (probably 2 fingers?).

I saw a training video on Cubase, and he also had no scroll bar on that instruments pane, with an instrument half showing at the bottom of the window. Surely this needs to be addressed.

I have re-tested now. Yes, you are right, there is no scroll bar. It’s already reported as a bug.

As I said, you can use a scroll-wheel/scrolling on your mouse/pad.

Thanks. My track pad has no wheel. Sucks, I know.

I believe there is a way, how to scroll on your track pad. If not, you should think about some with a scrolling ability. :wink:

It likely has scroll function, but this is a temporary arrangement to a degree. I don’t like having the other function of the track pad enabled; strange things tend to occur. Since I don’t have a studio at the moment (remodel in progress), I have my controller keyboard set up on a stand in front of a chair in the den. I am using a wireless keyboard with integrated track pad.