No search window on SB Support Page

How is it there is no serch window on the MY STEINBERG SUPPORT PAGE (or anywhere else onthe site for that matter)?

Finding information on SB products isn’t difficult. But Partnership Products, like anything using the Eucon Protocol is note even remotely clear! Being able to type in exactly what you’re looking for SHOULD be an option to address this kind of issue, right?

Aloha K,

There is a search field waaaay at the bottom of this Knowledge Base support page:[productfamily]=2

but when I tried ‘Eucon Protocol’, I get nothing. Nada.

Perhaps try filling out a support ticket etc might work.

HTH (hope this helps)

There is something wrong with the way the page is coded. This is IE:

But not FFox

Guess this entire forum change thang (both here and at MySteinberg) ain’t over yet.

Seems there are still a few rough spots here and there.

Using ‘Safari’ as a browser here.

Well, a global website search has nothing to do with the forum changes but the search we once had wasn’t really good. This is why we removed it. However, we have a new search on our to do list for later.