No "Select All Following" - Key Command?

I’m looking all over Cubase 13 for a “Select All Following” menu item or key command.

I need to select a region in the Project window and then select all following regions in the Project window so I can drag and move all regions to a new position.

Can someone tell me where this feature is located??? Surely an app as old as Cubase is as such a very basic feature right???

By default hold down Shift and then double-click the first item on the track.

That does not select all following regions in the entire project, that only selects all regions on that particular track.

Thanks Steve! That did the trick! :slight_smile:

thank for your helpful tip. :slight_smile:

Hey Steve,

See screenshot. 60% of my options are greyed out (unselectable).
What’s goin on here?

It’s context-sensitive and depends on what editor you are in.