No shared copies on track that follows chord track?

It seems that any shared copies get turned into individual parts when you use “Follow Chord Track” in Inspector->Chords. I want to use “Follow Scale”.
Just wanted to check if this is the intended way or if it is a bug. I don’t see the sense of disabling shared copies when a track is suppossed to follow the scale events on the chord track.

That’s interesting, but I think it does make sense. There has to be some way to resolve conflicts between what the Sharing is saying to play and what the Chord Track is saying.

For example, if you have two Shared Copies of a MIDI Part that is playing an A7 Chord. Now if the first copy is where the Chord Track also has an A7 everything is great. But if the second copy is where the Chord Track has an F#m then there is a conflict. The developers seem to resolve the conflict in favor of Chord Track over Shared Copies.

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