No "shift/cmd/N" in elements?

I want to remove flow-wide inter-staff bar lines for a simple piano & guitar chart I’m writing. These bar lines are colliding with lyrics.
When I looked it up in the manual, I was told to use “Notation Options” but I’m not finding these in any of the menus in my version of Dorico Elements.
Perhaps because it’s only offered in Pro?

Notation Options are in the Write menu, or CMD+SHIFT+N


I figured since the option was in the Write menu it would exist in Elements, but I just tried it, and you are correct: the option does not exist in Elements.

In Elements?

So, how can I perform the miracle of only each staff having bar lines, but not through-bar-lines … elementally?

NM. I figured it. I have to select “no brackets” in Layout Options/Brackets & Braces, unfortunately. Not sure why brackets necessarily must affect through-bar lines, but…

Yes that’s right, Notation Options isn’t available in Dorico Elements. Are you able to share the link to the page in the manual where you read this (if you used the webhelp), or if you used the PDF, the title of the area where you found this information? And were you looking at the Dorico Pro manual or the Dorico Elements manual?

There are separate manuals for each version (Pro, Elements, and SE) and it should all be marked up correctly so features only available in Pro aren’t included in the Elements/SE manuals (or if they are, it’s clear that you’ll only encounter them if you open a project made in Dorico Pro); however, if I’ve missed something it would be good to know so I can correct it!