No Sidechain button to be found

I’m running Cubase LE AI Elements 64 bit on Windows 7 (64-bit). My problem is, there is no side chain activation button on ANY of my plugins which are supposed to be sidechain capable. Any suggestions? Google finally failed me for once.

Are you certain Cubase Elements allows sidechaining?

It does not…

Well, well… This sucks. So does that mean the user friendly method is ruled out or I cant side chain whatsoever?

Edit: I’m speaking about the convenient side chain button.

seems obvious somehow…

Could you just answer the question please?

There is a reason some people purchase the full version, and others wish to purchase a “light” version. Generally, you pay for what you get. Sucks huh?

To answer your question, your “user friendly” method is not possible.

I am using the version which came with my interface. I thought when I paid to upgrade from the CD, that I was upgrading to the full. Shoulda researched more I guess. My question was whether or not the quadro track method was possible. I’m just gonna try it and see what happens, because yes, the “user friendly” method not being possible IS obvious at this tpoint, so I assumed you would figure it out that I was asking about alternatives (whether or not side chaining is possible AT ALL in cubase elements 6). It seems like people on the Steinberg forum are such snobs.

Regardless, thanks for your help.

CB6 version comparison chart:­%20feature%20comparison%20chart%20-%202011%2005%2018[1].pdf

  • see top half of P4.

    Oops, Philskeys already gave a link to a better comparison chart. :blush:

Well, seems two out of two posters did misunderstand your question then - could be your way of asking a question, just as well as two posters being thick…
The quadro method is possible, but - again obvious - not with quadro-, but stereo groups, which allows you to sidechain mono signals.

I dont know what exactly you want to do but I figured out the same problem with sidechaining a lead to get my kick more punchy. So i put an compressor as Insert effect und set it´s output routing to an group which i espacially made for this. On my kick i put in an send effect (choose the group i wanted to sidechain) an turned up the sendlevel.
Now my kick sounds like i want and iam happy :slight_smile:
Hope that you understand what i mean (my english isnt too good) and i could help anyone

Self-assessment is a lifelong skill that helps to improve ones’ self.

This isnot working also, can u explain how u did that in DETAIL…

The VST plugin Sidekick makes sidechaining ridiculously easy even in Cubase elements. You just load two copies of the VST plugin. The plugin on the trigger doesn’t get configured at all, leave the power button off (right side in screenshot) but notice the number it shows. The copy of the Sidekick vst plugin that’s on the actual audio source needs to have that number highlighted on the left side to connect them. So in my screenshot Synth or Strings is on the left and kick drum trigger is on the right.