Hi ,
Since I’ve updated to 10.5 (even 10.5.20) no signal enters cubase (regular input, external effects) . I’m on Mac Catalina, RME UFX+ . I’ve re-instal 3 times , nothing changes! When I use cubase 10 : no problemo , as soon as I try to launch 10.5 … no input signal coming in ! WTF ???
I’ve tried to contact the Support (Georges the French guy in june) but then summer holydays … and no news since then …
I’m back to work and I feel that I’ve spend some money for nothing !

Some Help Please !
I really don’t know what could go wrong except something in the software !

Thank you


My support ticket was : Support Ticket #311772

did you searched the forum already?
there are many posts about similar problems
most of them have Catalina in common

Ok thank you … I’ll search ! L.

No … Unfortunately nothing related to my problem ! No Cubase Admin around here to give a hand ? Thx .

Thank you very much !!!

I just had the Support on line now : it’s definitely a catalina pb ! The Cubase in the security/microphone area isn’t showing up , therefore no incoming sound is allowed for that app … Macpro + catalina + Cubase 10.5 : my update for nothing …